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STELLA started with the idea of a sunrise. When we think of what a sunrise means to us, we think about an intimate moment in time where we find calm and peace, while the rest of the world slumbers around us. A sunrise, much like a marriage, is a magical experience that represents hope and the beginning of a new life.

On certain days, just as the sky is being painted with colour, the first rays of a new rising sun can blind you with their beauty and hypnotize you with brilliance, and this is exactly how we envision STELLA on her wedding day. Nude pink lining, overlaid by soft grey tulle are evocative of the colours of daybreak. A dramatic, plunging neckline, adorned with dazzling sequins, catch the light and ensure that she sparkles her way down the aisle. A subtly placed thigh-high slit breaks the traditional shape of her A-line silhouette and adds a little sex appeal to this luxe masterpiece.

STELLA is not for the unassuming bride, but rather, a woman who relishes in the idea of embracing her individuality in a gown that is just as unique as her. STELLA was designed with a fun and unconventional bride in mind, who won’t mind dancing the night away until dawn the next day.