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AMELIA is a dreamer at heart. She’s enticed by imaginative thoughts and her childhood dreams always centred on a fairy tale wedding. She’s a passionate optimist and has a beautiful outlook on life. AMELIA marches to the beat of her own drum; to view her from a distance; it’s as if she’s dancing, gracefully twirling with a twinkle in her eye, as golden sunlight streams through her hair.

AMELIA wants to feel striking and feminine on her wedding day. She’s always envisioned herself in a dramatic ball gown silhouette comprised of fluffy layers of tulle, with a fitted sweetheart bodice and a cinched waist. Her nude pink bodice contrasts beautifully against the white voluminous skirt. The variation in colours, although ever so slight, is just enough that it almost intensifies the volume of the skirt and gives the illusion that they’re separates.

Luminescent pearls and delicate lace embroidery inspires a sense of ethereal drama, while tiny 3D blooms add a romantic, on trend touch. Impeccable tailoring is the key to pulling off this classic look. All eyes will definitely be on AMELIA as she embraces her love at their wedding.


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