We believe that a wedding dress is deeply valuable, because it carries with it, a promise of happiness. And happiness, for a bride and her partner is in the essence of moment-to-moment experiences. A wedding is not just about the day itself, but rather the combination of all of the little things; all of the wonderful experiences that transpire in the lead up to and even after the wedding that make the actual wedding day itself so incredible.

A KussKuss bride lives in anticipation, gathering memories of these wonderful experiences. From the moment she finds the perfect gown; the excitement and nostalgic longing that is experienced preceding its arrival, and the elation of having it fit like a dream, is unrivalled. And then, to finally be able to walk down the aisle in a dress that makes her feel truly beautiful; a dress that she has quite possibly envisioned in her minds eye since the first time she draped a white pillowcase over the back of her hair as a child; to marry her soul mate, is a journey in itself.

Your wedding is an experience filled with emotion and memories that will last a lifetime, and nothing warms our hearts more, than to be a part of that journey.


KussKuss dresses are crafted from exquisite fabrics that we’ve sourced internationally, and with three different collections to choose from, we appeal to the needs and styles of a diverse range of brides. Our ready-to-wear collection is perfect for time-sensitive brides, or for those who want to know exactly what their finished gown will look like before they finalise their purchase. Dresses can also be made-to-order according to individual measurements. With a variety of customisable options available in this collection, we encourage brides to add their own personal touches to our designs. For those wanting something entirely different and unique, our be-mine collection gives brides the opportunity to design their own wedding dress.

KussKuss is a Western Australian owned bridal store, operating exclusively online. We are an intimate team and we operate with passion and integrity. High quality workmanship and attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us, so too, is the service that we provide to our brides. KussKuss deliver to almost anywhere in the world; shipping costs are included on all Australian orders, while our international customers will need to contact us for a shipping quotation. Prior to delivery, each dress undergoes strict quality control checks before being carefully packaged into one of our garments bags.

Dresses will be hand delivered to local brides, because at KussKuss, its the little things that make all the difference and nothing makes us happier than seeing other people happy.